Vision 20: Integrated broadcasting software for wide businesses

  1. Accounting and Finance Management
  2. 2.Storage management
  3. Distribution and distribution management
  4. Treasury Management
  5. Manage sales and sales

Vision 20 Comprehensive and integrated software For the distribution and distribution industry.This software is integrated and managed for businesses that want to integrate the affairs related to the distribution and distribution of their products The control can be a good option Vision 20 while having a simple user interface, It has the technology of the day and brought innovation in the distributionindustry. Using Vision 20, you can manage and control the following issues in the broadcast industry for your business:

  1. Financial and accounting management
  2. Treasury Management
  3. Storage management
  4. Distribution and distribution management
  5. Manage sales and sales


Vision 20's biggest advantage over Vista is its number of users. Vista can have 3 to 5 users, but the Vision 20 does not have any limits on the number of users, and it's suitable for large businesses.>

We are going to look at what actions you can take with Vision20.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Using Vision 20, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be done for your business. The Vision 20 module provides the following services:


  1. Send texting to all existing invoices automatically in one output to reduce the return of the distribution.
  2. Send SMS to customers according to need
  3. Announcing company policies to sales managers and sellers via SMS     
  4. The deadline for paying checks as Due date
  5. Announce the automatic check back and its full specifications to customers

The use of the Customer Relationship Management Unit(CRM) in Vision 20 also brings the following benefits

  1. Early check back checks
  1. Direct contact with customers

Business Intelligence Manager (BI) Dashboard

  • Using the Vision 20, you can also use the Business Intelligence Manager (BI) dashboard in your business. The features that this module gives you.


The use of Business Intelligence Manager (BI) Dashboard in Vision 20 brings the following benefits:

  1. A review of the organization's situation at a glance for macro-management policies
  2. Possibility to target in different sectors such as sales, finance, distribution and ...
  3. Possibility to define KPI for various sales, financial, distribution and ...
  4. Check the amount of access to the goal by providing accurate management reports (MIS).
  5. Ability to calculate daily growth rate
  6. Ability to calculate profit and loss using industry standards and parameters
  7. View the firm health at a glance and diagnose problems before becoming a crisis
  8. Identify negative trends in the organization and turn them into positive
  9. Ability to check and compare company's progress to meet long-term and short-term goals set in different situations using required criteria.
  10. Reduce time and money for access to accurate and required information. Also create a graphical environment between goals and activities for the organization's decision makers.
  11. Monitor and analyze Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in balancing goals and activities
  12. Visualization of all activities of the organization

Geographic Information System (GIS)


Intelligent vendor control on the map includes the start and end time of the visit, the duration of the visit at the customer's place, the average visit time, the number and percentage of each visit, the number and percentage of the successful visit of each path, the time of arrival and departure of each route .. Using Vision 20 is possible.

  1. The Variance path reports for the visitor and route he traversed
  2. View customers based on purchase status, purchase class, invoice number, account balance and ... on the map
  3. Possibility to select areas as needed by creating fence
  4. Ability to view sales reports and account balances in each region and compare different regions
  5. View sales reports for a specific product on a map (where the specially selected item is sold and ...)
  6. Possibility to report on how to operate and cover the visitor's route online on the map
  7. The use of Geographic Information System (GIS) in Vision 20 brings the following benefits.
  8. Reduce the polarization and interference of marketers and increase the coverage of the route
  9. Increase the number of successful visits by getting reports and controlling vendors
  10. Increase sales by controlling the time, route and number of marketers' visits
  11. Classifying customers and providing dedicated services to specific customers
  12. Obtain an overview of the market situation of the company at a glance on the map


Merchandising Marketplace

Using Vision 20, you can also market your business and benefit from it. Sales support through Vision 20 through this module is possible. The features that this module gives you.

  1. Define Different Market Research Campaigns
  2. Definition of multiple choice, explanatory, questionnaires and ...
  3. Show tasks to be done every day on the tablet
  4. View the percentage of completed Tasks and remaining on the tablet per day
  5. Possibility to attach pictures of the layout of the goods, shelves, refrigerator and ... to the profile of the cartoon
  6. Ability to affix images to market research forms and send online to the headquarters
  7. Possibility to send videos to the location of the goods from the customer's location and send to the head office
  8. Online analysis of research results


  • Using this module in Vision 20 you can enjoy the following benefits:


  1. Identify new opportunities in the market
  2. Studying the behavior of the respondents in order to meet their needs
  3. Discover new markets
  4. Percentage and monitor existing rivals and potential competitors
  5. Understanding the influential and reliable distributors in the market
  6. Analysis to help better decision making by the company's marketing managers and marketing advisers to influence the marketing system.