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Vision V1 is a comprehensive and integrated system for enterprise management and planning. With V1, you can plan and manage your business components easily. The V1 feature interacts with different subsystems that make decision making simpler for administrators, while V1 sub-systems can also be used individually.Vision V1 subsystems and components are:

General Information

In Vision V1, information that is shared between different sections is defined in this subsystem.Among the information that is kept in this area are the following:

  • Language information
  • Geographic Information
  • Information of banks and branches
  • Calendar information and occasions
  • Account Information
  • goods information with measurementsunit
  • Debtor declarations and creditor accounts
  • Information on all types of funds
  • Fiscal year


The infrastructure system is responsible for creating the right platform for system interaction with the user, secure data transmission and providing the user with the necessary facilities.The features of this subsystem are:

  • Supports multi-language capability in the program and content
  • Multi-currency support
  • Support for multiplemeasurements units in all system operations
  • Independent of the implementation platform
  • Being on the web and availability of information at any time and place
  • Bet condition
  • Map presentation on all solutions and GIS
  • Cartable
  • Data security assurance
  • Ensuring data integrity throughout the system
  • Simple and efficient user interface
  • Ability to personalize forms, reports and system templates
  • Define Workflow and Module Definition (Workflow)
  • Define personal dashboard for each person
  • Centralized and cloud-capable installation


Among the distinctive features of infrastructure in Vision V1 include:

  • Use the powerful database of SQL Server 2016 as a database
  • Using today's technologies like: jQuery - WebApi - Html5 - Odata - FluentValidation
  • New features, such as automatic recording of all events and transactions
  • Ability to change systemlanguage and Date
  • High speed data retrieval from the database side
  • Easy maintenance and development of systems
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Define access levels in a fully dynamic way (even at field level)
  • Customize the system per user

Financial Resources Management (FRM):

The financial resources management system is used to address the organization's accounting affairs. Organizations can manage receipts and payments, bank info and bank accounts, issue accounting documents, plan and budget, calculate the cost and maintain their property in this system.

The financial resources management system is used to address the organization's accounting affairs. Organizations can manage receipts and payments, bank info and bank accounts, issue accounting documents, plan and budget, calculate the cost and maintain their property in this system.Due to standard processes and comprehensive reports in the Vision V1 Finance Management System, organizations can optimize their business performance, increase financial returns and reduce costs.

The Vision V1 financial system at a glance contains the following subsystems:

  • Treasury
  • Accounting
  • Accounting services
  • Property
  • Financial Statements
  • Provide a variety of payment reports, reviews of payments and receipt, cash flow ...
  • Guarantee: Registration receipt and payment orders, guaranteed payment operations, registration of all types of securities and instruments, including bank documents and property.
  • Define an unlimited tree, accurate level with the possibility of providing different versions for each business unit.
  • Approval of accounting documents individually, periodically, based on pre-programmed planning and the definition of a fully dynamic document.
  • Registration of Rials and Currencies
  • Reporting Account report with the ability to analyze data and publish debt statements
  • Presentation of financial statements and financial ratios in a parametric manner

Sales Management (Sales Management)

In each organization, the sales department plays a key role in business success. In the current market, we face a lot of challenges, problems and issues with a strong competition. The challenges faced by the sales department include keeping customers, goods, tracking the sales cycle from ordering, planning, shipping and distribution, invoicing, issu, delivery receipt and delivery to the customer.

Vision V1 sales management provides you with a deep insight into the core business processes. This subsystem is designed to optimize sales processes by improving customer service delivery, sales evaluation, trend manitoring and advanced statistical analyzes.

The benefits of Vision V1's sales management subsystem include:

  • Definition of sales structures with the number of unlimited levels, such as hierarchy of supervision, customer grouping, routing ...
  • Definition of increasing and decreasing factors such as discounts and prizes based on dynamic conditions with the ability to calculate, print, and apply to the invoice
  • Manual and system of sales planning, distribution, collection, and the ability to define constraints and priorities for each one.
  • The ability to define a variety of sales processes dynamically, such as selling, Distribution, and borrow

Production Management (Manufacturing Management):

An organization in the field of production to lead the competition quickly requires accuracy and accuracy in customer demand management.Vision V1's production management system supports the core functions of the production sector. Manufacturing scheduling, production batch production, calculation of production costs and production reports are among the main processes of this system.

The benefits of the production management subsystem in Vision V1 are as follows:

  • Dynamically Generate Production Reports
  • Designing daily production reports, waste reports and stoppages, and ProductionUseMaterialreports
  • Unlimited structure of the goods, Reproduction of the structure, Creation of MaterialVersion in the production process
  • Quality control at different stages, such as arrival of goods, during production and final product
  • Possibility to create a production order from the requirement announcement and sales plan

Supply Chain Management (SCM):

Smart businesses have realized that inventory control, shipping and shipping costs are required to succeed. Organizations are constantly trying to enhance warehouse 's operations by adding agility, inventory control and accurate monitoring of entry and exitof goods. This goal requires Vision V1's supply chain management system to manage The optimum supply chain chain manages the declaration of the need for goods to be ordered, delivered to the warehouse and sales.

The benefits of the supply chain management subsystem are:

  • Present receipt and issue based on serial production
  • Calculating the stock of rials with three LIFO, FIFO and Average models simultaneously
  • Inventory management and purchase order automatically
  • Warehouse handling based on serial or without it
  • Ability to design receipts and issue based on the organization's needs

Human Capital Management (HCM)

All organizations need human capital to function properly and achieve their goals. The analysis of human capital in the three areas of knowledge management, intellectual capital and strategic management is part of Vision V1.

Vision V1 Human Capital Management Subsystem has the following benefits:

  • Parameter definition and salary calculation formula
  • Defining posts, jobs, qualification conditions and organizational levels along with different versions of the organizational chart
  • Definition of group and individual sentences
  • Possibility to attach personnel records

Transportation (Transportation)

Transportation has changed in today's world so that companies and organizations are formed whose specialized work is to transport goods anywhere and at any time. These companies need a system for their operation, so that they can register, test and manage all their activities. The transportation system, on the one hand, relates to stock, production and sales and, on the other hand, interacts with human resources and property. In addition to providing the above facilities, this system is responsible for providing the services needed for other areas.

The benefits of the Vision V1 subsystem are as follows:

  • Sending shipping requests from other subsystems, such as selling, purchase and warehouse.
  • Send Multiplepurchaseand  Sales Orders (Partial Shipment)
  • Aggregation and scheduling of shipping goods based on the route, distance, volume and weight of the machine
  • Analyze requests using map control to filter and aggregate forwarding requests
  • Possibility to provide a variety of services, such as distribution, transfer between warehouses and goods shipped to the warehouse


The goal without planning is just a dream. To the extent that an important goal is, the principles of business planning are also important. With the development of companies and the creation of market competition, the need for accurate and coherent planning plays a significant role in the growth of each set.To meetthe needs of manufacturing, business, and business partnerships and to achieve these goals, the Vision V1 has been designed and planned to provide planning capabilities in all areas of sales, production and provision..

All systems are integrated and changes in each of the domains will change and update other sections.

The benefits of the Vision V1 subsystem include:

  • Extraction of sales need, Planning of Branches and Aggregation of the Program and Required Calculations
  • Production planning based on sales need and manufacturing considerations by manufacturing locations and areas of work, and extracting the need for raw materials and supplies, human resource capacity and consumables to meet production needs
  • Program editing and modification based on new needs


Today Smart instruments includeinseparable part of people's lives. Using these tools to record current operations and receive daily reports can save a lot of time while doing work, as well as streamline and update the organization's information systems.

The Vision V1 tablet makes the operation easier with a complete set of applications required by the organization.

The benefits of the tablet's subsystem in Vision V1 are as following:

  • Integrated tablet distribution, sales and marketing
  • View customer locations, routing, and prioritize
  • Calculation of discounts and promos at sales and returns
  • Cartable integrated with the system
  • View diverse reports based on vendor,distributer, collector, marketer, and customer
  • Use the latest day technologies to send and receive Push Notification information

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The optimal relationship with the customer is the key to success in the business. CRM means customer relationship management. This subsystem helps businesses to use technology and human resources to understand the behavior of their customers and their value.

As CRM software focuses on the customer or front line of the business, Vision V1 focuses on the wider part of the organization. In this part of the Vision V1, it is possible to provide various parts of the organization, including production, finance, sales, etc., with the aim of improving and mechanizing all work processes in andesirable and easy way to exchange information.

The benefits of the Customer Relationship Management subsystem in Vision V1 include:

  • Record Leadership, Opportunity, Competitor, and Contact Person
  • Record a variety of activities such as phone call, SMS, email, fax, telegram, appointments, questionnaires, interactions, data collection and other services.
  • Designing a variety of questionnaires and market research and loading them on a market-leading tablet
  • Manage
  • and record related costs and get reports for each campaign