vista; Integrated broadcasting software for wide businesses

Accounting and Finance ManagementStockman management Distribution managementTreasury Managementpurchase and sales management

Vista software is an integrated software for the distribution industry. The software can be a good option for businesses which are capriciously involved with products and are looking for a variety of software applications to deal with various issues regarding playback. The software has already been launched for more than 550 distribution centers. Nowadays, despite emerging companies, start-ups companies are usedin the field of distribution.The reason why this software has been welcomed, is to keep up-to-date with ease of use.Following services are used by vista software.

  • purchase and sales management
  • Treasury Management
  • Distribution management
  • Stockman management
  • Accounting and Finance Management

Significantlythe software is that even if you do not use software or a system for distribution management in your business, you can easily and without interruption in your work implement Vista software for distribution management; you can change Vista into Vision 20 without any interrupting the task.

Another feature of Vista software is affordability, which is also an important advantage for distribution companies.

Vista can used by 3 users simultaneously and it can upgrade up to 5 users if needed.

The following actionscan be used by vista distribution software:

  • Calculate marketing interest
  • Route of visitor and sales agents
  • Expansion of sales network (offering discounts and prizes)
  • Credits for customers and marketers
  • Receive Management Reports (MIS)

Online ordering on tablets and Hands hold

With the Vista software, you can also use the tablet and the hand hold version. The tablet and hand hold are the Vista software for marketers and viewers. Marketers can import their customers' information into the software, and the sales manager can handle the sales process with all the information from customers and marketers.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Intelligent vendor control on the map includes the start and end time of the visit, the duration of the visit at the customer's place, the average visit time, the number and percentage of each visit, the number and percentage of the successful visit of each path, the time of arrival and departure of each route and etc. It is possible using Vista software.

In addition to the GIS listed above, the following features can be used in this software:

  • The conflicting path reports for the visitors and route traversed by them
  • View customers based on purchase status, purchase class, invoice number, account balance and ... on the map
  • Possibility to select areas as needed by creating fence
  • Ability to view sales reports and account balances in each region and compare different regions
  • View sales reports for a specific product on a map (where the specially selected item is sold and ...)
  • Ability to report on how to operate and cover the visitor's route online on the map

The use of the GIS in Vista software brings the following benefits:

  • Reduce the conflict and interference of marketers and increase the coverage of the route
  • Increase the number of successful visits by getting reports and controlling vendors
  • Increase sales by controlling the time, route and number of marketers' visits
  • Customize Customers and Offer Special Services to Customers
  • Obtain an overview of the market situation of the company at a glance on the map

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

Using the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module with Vista software, you can use the following services:

  • Automatically send a SMS to all agents in an output to reduce the distribution efficiency
  • Send SMS to customers as needed
  • Announce the company's sales and sales management policies using SMS
  • Make sure the checks are paid out a few days before the expiration date
  • Investigatethe check and its full details for the customer

Also, using Vista's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software brings the following benefits:

  • Reduce the likelihood of returning the goods due to lack of knowledge of the customer since the receipt of the goods or the lack of knowledge of the terms and conditions of payment of the invoice
  • Get faster invaluable checks
  • Customer Relationship Direct

Due to the fact that the selection of distribution software is a very sensitive issue for developing companies, Vision Company has made it possible for all companies to benefit from this advanced software with free consultation. The Vision Support team will also be with you and will support your software after purchase.Vision, your regular companion in the distribution industry.